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#26 Fast quicklook utility harg task whenever PML utilities 10 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Created
#383 Testing adding a ticket through phpPgAdmin anch flight processing immediate Processing: general 7 years
#569 Only show LiDAR data DSM in Readme file dac enhancement immediate arsf_internal_code 2 years
#570 make_arsf_delivery hangs when creating lidar screenshots dac bug immediate arsf_internal_code 2 years
#571 Too easy to save incorrect file in LAG save file dialogue dac bug immediate LAG 2 years
#573 Roll Offsets Automation Script dac task immediate alsproc 2 years
#574 LAG Crash after about 30 files have been loaded tec bug immediate LAG 2 years
#614 Owl Calibration 2017 lah task immediate ARSF 6 weeks
#615 Fenix Calibration, 2016 flight processing immediate ARSF 3 weeks
#103 User documentation needs update sbg enhancement alpha 5 Support 9 years
#335 Run script updates benj bug alpha 4 high PML utilities 7 years
#575 doesn't get commands when there is no flightline 1 tec bug alpha 4 high arsf_internal_code 2 years
#12 Create regression test set mggr task alpha 4 medium ARSF 10 years
#19 Web-based user guide sbg enhancement alpha 4 medium Support 10 years
#91 Automatic detection of scan timing offsets mark1 task alpha 4 medium Processing: general 9 years
#576 line number bug tec bug alpha 4 low arsf_internal_code 2 years
#577 make_arsf_delivery script LiDAR Dem generation bad filepath tec bug alpha 4 low arsf_internal_code 2 years
#24 Google Earth demo benj task whenever PML utilities 10 years
#193 Geotiff viewer ( and gtiff2jpg script) fail to display the full image if high number of lines (>~32000) mark1 bug whenever PML utilities 9 years
#202 Central collection of ground data mggr enhancement whenever Archiving 9 years
#223 Synthetic datasets benj enhancement whenever ARSF 8 years
#238 Documentation for NEODC benj task whenever Archiving 8 years
#290 Create a recommendations document for ground teams benj flight processing whenever Support 8 years
#357 Eagle smear correction incomplete enhancement whenever Processing: general 7 years
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